Audio Production of 'BIRTH' a play by Karen Brody


The play Birth, written by our founder Karen Brody, tells the stories of 8 powerful low-risk women giving birth. It has been called “The Vaginia Monologues for childbirth” and since 2006 has been seen by audiences on every continent of the world and raised over one million dollars for organizations and causes that help improve maternity care. 



The Audio Edition was produced to maximize the play's reach and further it's impact so we can change the culture of birth. The exclusive Audio Edition is performed by well-known birth professionals who are not actors, but capture the heart and spirit of the play and BOLD Movement. 


Raise Money for Birth causes

A percentage of each donation will be donated to causes that support improving birth. If you are purchasing the audio to support a specific organization please make sure you use their link to access this page. 


*You'll be emailed an mp3 download after purchase.

**Educational use allows you to use the play in your childbirth education classes or as part of an event.


Meet our BOLD All Star Cast!

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